Useful Links

Here’s a couple of sites I’ve found useful. I buy beer and supplies online most of the time, and thought you might enjoy them. If there are more stores and suppliers you’d like to see on this list, hit me with a comment below.

Buy craft beer online:

League of Beers have not only a great selection, but mixed cases so you can try different beers without the commitment of buying a case. Free delivery and a great monthly club should get you going. Find them at

The Brewery has a good selection of craft as well as home brewing kits and ingredients. What I like most is the kegs that you can get. Check them out at

The Bottle Shop is an online store doing more than craft, but they have a good selection and also offer mixed cases. You can also order individual bottles – which no one else is really doing. Their delivery is based on weight, which isn’t ideal so order R1000 or more to get it done for free. Give them a try by going to

JoburgBrew is a new online shop servicing Gauteng (for now) and selling Gauteng based beers. Check them out for their mixed boxes (of the same brewery). Support them by going to

Home Brewing:

Beerlab have a great selection of home brewing ingredients and equipment. They also run classes in Cape Town. Visit their site for more.

DIY Beer Brewing has a cool site with kits, refills and equipment. Check them out at

BeerGuevara have a wide selection of not only ingredients and kits, but also books and guides. Go visit them on

Tradeger are based in Gauteng and are at the Walkerville farmer’s market every Saturday. So not only can you buy your ingredients online, but you can chat to guys for advice and help. Catch them at

Brewcraft are an online store for beer as well as cheese making. They have loads on ingredients and equipment. I really like the fact that they have a physical store here in Joburg.. well, Boksburg. Justin and Ryan are great; they advises as well as sell.

Beer Apps

MyBeerCraft is a proudly South African craft beer app that allows you to find beer, breweries or styles. What is interesting is that you can rate not only the beer, but the bars/venues too. There’s great BJCP style references too if you want to understand what you’re drinking. Available on iOS as well as Android. Give it a shot:

Untappd is my go-to beer app. Not for style references or venues, but just to check in what you’re drinking. What I absolutely love is that it’s gamified – you get badges and can level up with drinking. You are basically incentivised to try new things. Take a photo, rate the beer and give your thoughts – in return, frequent achievements. If you’re not already there, go to for a web version, or download it on iOS or Android.


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