Book a tasting event

I’ve started a side project and it’s all about spreading the craft beer love. If you want me to come run a tasting event at your year-end function, mid-year party or any other event, get hold of me. It’s a lot of fun and can really add a special touch to your entertainment agenda.

Tasting event set-up
A display of the beers we’ll taste, as well as the branded glassware.

I can structure the tasting event to your needs, but in general the package is as follows:

6-7 different beers from across the country (generally one of each chosen style, but this could be themed too)

Tasting sheets are provided, as well as prizes for the best notes/comments

A custom hashtag for your event, so that you can find the photos later

Set-up and clean up is included – but I will need an area with tables (and potentially chairs) to work within. A sink close by would also be useful.

Glassware is brought in – any gift glassware will have to be ordered beforehand

Craft Geek is a registered company – making the procurement and vendor application process a little easier.

The best way to get hold of me is to mail me

Here’s to seeing you soon – cheers!