Mikkeller – expect the unexpected

I’m WAY behind on reviews. So for this one, I’m going to look at the three Mikkeller brews that I picked up recently-ish from League of Beers. I’d read some great reviews of these, and wanted to check them out myself.

Initially I was a little confused about where these guys were from. They are distributed by Nordic Craft, and I’d heard that they were based in Denmark but the bottles said they were brewed in Belgium/Netherlands. So here’s the official story:

“Mikkeller is a microbrewery founded in 2006 in Copenhagen and the company does not operate an official brewery but rather collaborates with other brewers to produce their recipes or experimental once-off brews.”*

After I drank all three in the box, I realised that because I followed a “typical” tasting order, I actually got it really wrong with these guys.


American Dream – Pilsner

This is one HOPPY pilsner. If you’d blindfolded me for this tasting, I would pegged it as a Pale Ale/ IPA. It’s a helluva nice brew though. Very fruity, lovely golden amber colour. My favourite of the lot.


Peter, Pale & Mary – Pale Ale

Loved the label on this one – very quirky, as is the beer. It’s not nearly as hop forward as the pilsner, which was very confusing. But well made nonetheless.


Green Gold – IPA

Nice bitter IPA with some pine, resin and dank flavours. Could do with a bit more aroma (suppose it dissipates, even more so when coming from far-away places). Nice tropical fruity finish.


First off. Can we please applaud the label design of these beers. So cool.

Otherwise, I think I’d built myself up for these 3 beers, and while there was absolutely nothing wrong with them – they were all great – I don’t know if I’m signing up to be number 1 fan just yet. Also, while I’m not always hung up on styles, I do like to know what to expect and none of these exactly fit into their style parameters. Great beers, just not quite what I expected.

*Thanks League of Beers :-p

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