Aces Lager

Last week I visited the guys at the Tap Room in Modderfontein. Mostly, I wanted to learn about their business – which is basically tap rentals and online consumption distribution (quite the mouthfull – I’ll get into that later). But I also discovered that they are responsible for one of Joburg’s more ubiquitous brews – Aces.

Name: Lager
Brewery: Aces Brew Worx
Country: Joburg, South Africa
Style: Pale lager
Rating: 3 / 5

OK, admittedly I had some bad experiences with Aces Lager. I had sort of decided that it just wasn’t for me. The last bottle I tried was totally sour. It was strange because it’s contract brewed at Brewhogs which is renowned for excellent quality, clean lagers. Either way, I was keen to try it again, regardless of the result.

Check out the bottle evolution – pretty cool! Definitely the only white bottle I know of in SA.

On the pour it’s a light gold and clear, but not brilliant (as they say). There is some decent head that forms, but it settles into a thin layer that persists for a good while. It’s not overly carbonated (unlike commercial lagers). On the nose, there is a bready aroma (fairly typical) and the stronger aromas settle after the first sip.

I found this lager well balanced, it’s actually easy going. Good braai beer. My favourite part was the slight hop kick at the end. It’s crisp and slightly peppery and quite more-ish. Look, it’ll probably never become my go-to beer (or even lager). Not because it’s crap, but because I’m too much of a fan of bigger beers. It’s a solid middle of the road lager. Just make sure you get a fresh bottle or get it on tap.

I also wanted to quickly chat about The Tap Room. I went there quite unexpectedly in December because that’s the only place I could source Harambe. I saw this massive warehouse and cold room full of kegs and cases of deliciousness. So I went back last week to find out what this place is all about and they are responsible for commissioning, maintaining and supplying stock for taps all around Gauteng (and now Cape Town too). Basically, they rent taps as well as stock the kegs that supply them. They take care of cleaning, sanitising (every 3 weeks!) and looking after the systems on behalf of bars and restaurants. How cool is that? They’re very much the invisible force behind some of the great beer lines in our city. Keep at it guys!

Brewers – contact the guys from The Tap Room. They can help you either get your brand out there, while ensuring high standards of care and quality control.

Bars/Restaurants – you need to get to know the Tap Room too. Buying your own dispensing equipment is a thing of the past. Check out their services.

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