Hoppy Xmas Countdown – 24 Dec

It’s the final day in our Advent Calendar of Beer and today’s beer is so special it comes corked in a box. We bought this one in Ireland and have been keeping it for a special occasion. Today’s the day!

Name: The 1798 (Limited Edition)
Brewery: Guinness
Country: Dublin, Ireland
Style: Imperial Stout
Rating: 4.5 / 5

Guinness brought out this beer in commemoration of the Old Vat House which was built in 1798. It was also released in time for St Patrick’s Day & the Centenary celebration of Ireland’s independence from England (this year). If any of you have visited Ireland you’ll know how proud the Irish are of their independence and their special brewery, Guinness. We were lucky enough to be there for Paddy’s 2016 but just missed the Centenary celebrations. The whole country was buzzing.


I’m not going to review this one in typical fashion except to say this it is a “Double Extra Stout” (Imperial stout to you and I) and at 9% it’s a big boy. One of my biggest criticisms of ordinary Guinness is that it’s a little light bodied for me. That being said, it makes it super sessionable and when in Ireland, there is nothing better. Not because there aren’t other choices, but because it’s truly divine. Anyway, with this guy that problem is definitely solved. It’s almost chewy.

The aromas are fairly heavy in alcohol but laced with typical coffee and cocoa. It pours thick and opaque with plenty of beige head (kind of like Coke, but thicker and less fizzy). The flavours are rich and robust, with just the right amounts of roasted malts and oak notes. There are also hints of liquorice in there which is interesting. It’s quite warming (hello, 9%…) but the mouthfeel is silky smooth. It goes down an absolute treat. Perfect for Christmas Eve 🙂

We found this brew at the end of our trip, and I wish we had bought plenty more. We had extra Euros damn it. Why didn’t we do that?! Now, they retail between R750 and R900 depending on the exchange rate. We’ll probably never drink this again, which is why it is so special.

Sorry I don’t have suggestions for you to find this beer – but you can import it if you’re serious about getting your hands on it. If you do, you won’t regret it.

And that’s it for our Advent Calendar of Beer – what a fun ride it’s been! I really hope you enjoyed the series as much as I did. Catch you before the new year. 🙂




  1. Hi There.

    My name is Aidan and I have been following you for some time now.

    I’m the events manager for Aces Lager and the tap room.

    We supply/distribute a lot of the craft you write about.

    I was wondering if you would be interested to review our Beer – Aces Premium Lager?

    Please let me know and if you are keen come through and I’ll get a keg connected for use to taste a “few” draughts.

    Thanks, have a great day.

    Aidan signature


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