Hoppy Xmas Countdown – 23 Dec

It’s our second last day guys! I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly (along with the rest of 2016). Today we’re really getting into the Christmas spirit with one of Devils Peak’s new beers. Now, I didn’t necessarily want to do another DP beer… but it’s just got Festive Cheer written all over it. It had to be done.

Name: Christmas Cake Stout
Brewery: Devil’s Peak
Country: Cape Town, South Africa
Style: Milk/Sweet Stout
Rating: 3.25 / 5

Devil’s Peak released a set of Explorer Series beers recently and it includes some fabulous beers including 3 IPAs (Juicy Lucy, Strawberry Fields, Grapefruit Express) a Sour (Berliner) Weisse and 2 stouts*. I love it when breweries experiment, and while not all of them work, it’s a mark of a maturing industry.


If you just read the rating above you’ll notice it’s fairly low considering its one of my favourite styles and one of my favourite brewers. But somehow I reckon that DP just went a little too far here. #sorrynotsorry

This guy pours dark with only a little head. The aromas are very rich: cherry and chocolate reminding me of a black forest cake. The mouthfeel is warming, like a strong liqueur. It’s very heavy; not body wise, but flavour wise. It’s strong and sweet and rich. I suppose if they were going for a Christmas Cake, they nailed it. You know the stuff that cherries soak in? That’s kind of what this beer tastes like, layered with fairly typical sweet, milky, coffee notes. It thankfully ends off a little more bitter than the start.

So the rating is based on the fact that while it’s not a bad beer – no off flavours or nasties – it’s not something I’d buy again. That’s just my personal taste, so why not give it a try and tell me what you think? There’s a FABULOUS special on the Explorer Series on League of Beers – so go pick up your 3 boxes and save R100.

*P.S. I haven’t had the last stout in the series yet (the Choc-Cherry) but so far my money is on the Juicy Lucy, a New England IPA- which is characterised as being a soft, creamy (and hazy) IPA. It’s flipping delicious. Really. Just try it.


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