Hoppy Xmas Countdown – 20 Dec

OK guys, we have a collab brew. It’s between Zwakala and Drifter. We’ve spoken about brewery friendships before on the blog and today’s beer just shows how wonderfully collabs can be.

Name: Upside Down Baobab & Ginger Weiss
Brewery: Zwakala & Drifter
Country: Haenertsburg, Limpopo & Cape Town, South Africa
Style: Weiss (special)
Rating: 3.75 / 5

Both of these breweries are known for making really easy going beer. Not the sort of beer you only want one of (or can handle). They’re all about laid back vibes and laid back beer. This one is no different.

It’s a ginger & baobab Weiss. Just think about that for a second. Now, I’m not entirely sure what baobab tastes like (apparently it’s a super-food. Go figure!) but I certainly know ginger when I taste it.


Firstly, the label. What a beaut. I really like that it, too, is somewhat of a blend between Zwakala’s geometric designs and Drifter’s illustration styles. It’s truly beautiful. Also, the ‘upside-down-ness’ of the label is similar to Carver’s Weiss (where they encourage you to tilt it before pouring).

On the pour it’s deep gold and expectedly hazy. It’s mostly ginger upfront on the nose with some sort of wood (suppose the baobab). The flavours pretty much match that; mostly ginger but with a zesty, citrusy component. I didn’t get many typical Weiss flavours (banana and clove) which I’m almost ashamed to say that I’m happy about. Not because they’re undesirable – not even close – but because a typical Weiss that just had hints of ginger & baobab wouldn’t have been what it promises on the bottle. This Weiss is essentially a wheat beer made with specific flavours in mind. And that it does well.

I also really liked that it’s not overly gingery. I like ginger as much as the next person, but ginger beers are not usually my thing. I think the zesty-ness of this Weiss matches really well with the ginger while the wheat carries the flavours and even gives it a creamy finish.

Well done chaps!

To find this one, your best bet is to get it from League of Beers.

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