Hoppy Xmas Countdown – 19 Dec

Today’s beer is one that I had highly rated before, and it’s one of my absolute favourite go-to styles: an Amber Ale. I nearly did a “showdown” between two different ambers, but I’ll save that for another day.

Name: True Grit
Brewery: Mad Giant
Country: Jozi, South Africa
Style: Amber Ale
Rating: 3.25 / 5

OK, off the bat – I’m wondering what’s changed with this beer. Either it’s the recipe (not the first time that’s been brought up about the Mad Giant beers) or my tastes have changed. As I remembered it, it was pretty much the perfect Amber Ale. Totally balanced with enough hop and malt flavours to sing home about.


But I reckon that this version, while still very decent, has lost something. It pours a copper or rust colour with plenty of great creamy head. There are some mixed notes of caramel and floral hops on the nose. The tasting notes are in favour of the hops – the upfront bitterness of the beer lingers pretty well. I just didn’t get as much biscuit or caramel flavours as I remembered (or would have liked).

I’m interested to see whether buying a pint at the brewery would have a different effect, I got this bottled at my local liquor boutique. It could also have been a slightly older bottle. I’lll definitely get this again to retry it. In the meantime, if you’ve had an experience with this one, let me know!



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