Hoppy Xmas Countdown – 14 Dec

Sorry for the late post guys. It’s on account of the fact that I was not-so-politely relieved of my phone this morning. The silly season is truly upon us. Anyway… I’ve been saving this brew for a little while mostly because I like the packaging and enjoyed seeing it every time I open by beer fridge. But it’s time.

Name: De Poes
Brewery: De Poes
Country: Belgium
Style: Belgian Blonde
Rating: 3.5 / 5

So this one gushed a little when opening. I don’t get those often, but the recommended serving temperature is 8-10 C and I might have stored it a bit colder than that. Who’s to know anyway what the temperature is of your beer?


I got a little citrus on the nose, also a little banana, spice and lemon. There’s a slight alcohol aroma too. It tastes quite mild at first but then livens up mid sip. I picked up some candied fruit as well as a bit of spice and pepper. While it does have a warming, alcoholic flavour it’s not nearly as heavy as the 8% would suggest.

Sometimes Ash and I share one beer to taste, and I normally do the bottom half (because he’s got a fairly serious yeast allergy) but I generally taste from both glasses in case there are any differences. This time, I found quite a lot of the flavour sitting closer to the bottom of the bottle. Very interesting.

I’m not 100% sure whether I’d say that this is a blonde. In a blind tasting, I might have guessed a slightly stronger saison. Either way, it was a lekker beer. And you can’t go wrong with the cat and the name :-p

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