Hoppy Xmas Countdown – 7 Dec

This is not a new beer for me, but it’s one I haven’t had for ages. I also hadn’t reviewed it on the blog yet. Luckily it came in the December Monthly Mixed Case from League of Beers. In any case I was feeling like something hoppy 🙂

Name: Valve 
Brewery: Riot
Country: Cape Town, South Africa
Style: American IPA
Rating: 3.75 / 5

Ok, first things first. Since the last time I tried this beer the branding has changed. I’m not sure which I prefer, since the previous versions had some cool illustrations. But this bottle certainly stands out. Great legibility and good use of bright colour.


On pouring the beer it’s bright gold with good clarity. There isn’t as much head as I’d expect but that might be due to the hop oils interfering. Because let me tell you, this is quite a hoppy (and bitter) beer. It surprised me actually how hoppy it is. I like it. I really do. After I’d finished it, I wanted another one.

This is not a beer I’d suggest for newbies to IPAs. It’s also not going to be a connoisseur’s favourite IPA, but I liked it. It’s all guava on the nose with some grapefruit. The flavours generally match but with a bit or resin and grassy notes. The ending is delightfully bitter.

You can get some at League of Beers or Cyber Cellar.



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