Hoppy Xmas countdown – 2 Dec

It’s day 2 of our Advent Calendar and today’s beer is one I worked fairly hard to find. I eventually bought a case from League of Beers (Yuppiechef) after asking CBC and searching all my local liquor stores. Good news is, if you don’t want to buy a whole case you can try it at Capital Craft (Centurion, Fourways or Long Street) since it’s on their guest taps.

Name: Oktoberfest
Brewery: CBC
Country: Paarl, South Africa
Style: Märzen Lager (or Oktoberfest)
Rating: 3.75 / 5 

Don’t you love seasonal beers? I look forward to them every year. This Oktoberfest is really supposed to be an Autumn beer, because it generally comes out from September in the Northern Hemisphere, but as you know that is our Spring and I reckon it works either way.

Oktoberfests or Märzens were brewed in spring (March = Märzen) so that the heat of summer didn’t affect the fermentation. They were stored and opened again after summer had peaked.


The style embodies a malt forward, amber beer with a firm foot in the caramel malts. The beer is balanced out by some noble hops to give it a fresh ending. It’s meant to be the transition beer between light lagers or pilsners (summer) to heavier porters and stouts (winter).

CBC makes great beer. There’s no doubt about that. It also helps that Wolfgang is a German Master Brewer. So you can bet that the Oktoberfest is a winner. It pours a deep gold, bordering on amber with a decent white head. The aromas are a wonderful mix of caramel and a little spice. The flavours lean towards to malt sweetness, but it’s a really balanced beer. You don’t really taste hops, you just perceive them in the fact that the beer isn’t syrupy sweet. It’s a fairly easy going beer but at 6.1% it’s not a sissy either.

I absolutely love the label. It fits in with CBC’s general template (diamond shapes) but the print is distinctly Oktoberfest (as in the actual fest, not the beer style). Very cool.

Have you had it? Let me know what you think!



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