The Guzzler by Mad Giant

Name: The Guzzler
Brewery: Mad Giant
Origin: Jozi, South Africa
Style: Pilsner
Rating: 3.5 / 5

I struggle to give beers anything above a 4/5 only because there are probably no perfect beers out there. So a 3.5 is a really good score. It generally means that it’s a great beer that could have done with something small to make it awesome. In this case, the “missing” thing is just some slight crispness and some head retention.


This beer is super clean, super refreshing and pretty much everything you want in a Pilsner. Pours clear and golden with decent head. On the nose it’s that wonderful mix of “bready” and noble hops, giving it quite a subtle aroma. The flavours go from grainy to a floral and slight citrus finish. The head could have stayed a little longer in my opinion. That being said, I could have a few of these. It’s easy going and really yum.

In the bottle it’s slightly sweeter than on tap. Most folks I’ve chatted to (including Eben, the brewer) prefer the bottled version but I actually prefer the draught pour, only because it’s slightly crisper and keeps its head.

I sometimes like to comment on labels and packaging and Mad Giant really do score highly here. There mascot is instantly recognisable (and lovable) and the bottles photograph well. Also, what a cool cap!

You can get your hands on the Guzzler as well as the rest of the Mad Giant range from Takealot (the prices are AMAZING) or visit them at their brewpub in Jozi.



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