Scallywag IPA by Drifter

Name: Scallywag IPA
Brewery: Drifter Brewing Company
Country: Cape Town, South Africa
Style: India Pale Ale 
Rating: 4.5 / 5

Do you guys know about Drifter? I certainly didn’t until I tasted their “Cape Town Blonde” (great beer by the way) about 18 months ago. They’ve been busy in their brewery though because they’ve released 3 more beers that are all doing really well. They have their Stranded Coconut, The Legend Lager and this Scallywag IPA.


The Scallywag was the only beer in the Drifter stable that I hadn’t tried yet, so when I found one in this month’s League of Beer mixed case I was over the moon. If this IPA was brewed like the rest of the Drifter beers, we were in for a treat.

When I poured it I got a strong kick of grapefruit on the nose. It pours deep gold with frothy, white head and is really well carbonated. I like it when an IPA is well carbed, it really helps with the mouthfeel and enhances those bitter flavours. I was really impressed with the head retention too. All too often beers pour beautifully but the head dissipates after a few sips.

When I tasted it I immediately got a slightly sweet upfront maltiness which ended off being dank and bitter. It’s not an overly bitter beer, which is a little deceiving from the aroma. There’s a fair amount of citrus notes in there, mainly grapefruit. It comes in at 6% ABV and 60 IBU, which in this day and age makes it very sessionable. Overall I really enjoyed this beer. It’s almost a pity it doesn’t come in 440ml.

It tastes like “I want more”. Helluva nice beer. Wish I didn’t have to share :-p




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