Embombi Premium Lager

Name: Embombi Premium Lager
Brewery: Triple Desire Brewery
Country: Thembisa, South Africa
Style: Helles Lager
Rating: 3.5 / 5

Up for review today is the Embombi lager. Have you seen it around? I found it in Maboneng at Pata Pata as well as the Chalkboard Cafe.

It is contract brewed at Brewhogs by Thabiso Molekwa. Contract brewing is common and when you want to brew a lager, Brewhogs is the place to do it.
Some articles have mentioned that Thabiso started brewing when he realised that an “in-house” brew would be a great addition to his Chisa Nyama. So he started by homebrewing and eventually went to Brewhogs for recipe refinement and production.


Seems like a great move and the results are good too. I tried this lager not quite knowing what to expect. But I really enjoyed it. It’s got a definite malt sweetness to it, but it’s not as sweet as some lagers. It’s got a good crisp finish and the bitterness is right on point. The great rich golden colour adds to it’s appeal. The aroma is clean, the head and carbonation are to style too.

I got a friend of mine (who is a dedicated Black Label drinker) to try this, and he normally doesn’t like the beers I offer him. But in this case, he said “Ja, that’s actually really lekker”. In my mind that’s testament enough. Well done Thabiso!



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