The Bird by Poison City

Name: The Bird
Brewery: Poison City
Location: Durban, South Africa
Style: Pale Lager
Rating: 4.25 / 5

Poison City are a brewery based in Durban, and the first thing you’ll notice about their bottles is the weed leaf in their logo. It’s brilliant. For those of you who don’t know, Durban is famous for (amongst other things) a strain of pot called Durban Poison. Potent stuff I hear :-p But I love that the leaf is actually made out of surfboards – another pastime that finds it’s home in Durbs.

I was sad to miss their launch in Jozi a few weeks ago (I was in the Kruger… who can blame me) so I was really amped to receive their “The Bird” Lager as part of my League of Beers mixed case this month.

The packaging is stunning with sophisticated muted tones and a cool seagull illustration. The copy on the bottle really delights, like: “Drink responsibly! Alcohol affects your ability to drive … and surf.” and “…The Bird is as easy as sun, surf and seagulls, but with a twist of screw you too.” I love it when breweries make an effort with their labels. 2016-09-16-16-28-22

Ok, ok – time for the good stuff. The lager pours out as a fairly rich gold colour with medium to high carbonation and great head. The aromas are all grass. The bubbles are medium sized and the carbonation (and head) really sticks around well.
Flavours are mostly grain rich, but with a slight hop kick at the end. The bitterness is exactly where it needs to be and the balance is superb. It’s a full flavoured but easy going lager – just like it says on the bottle.

I honestly found this to be one of the best craft lagers I’ve tasted recently – extremely enjoyable. Depending on the price, it could be my go-to lager.

If you’ve tried it, what did you think? Leave comments below 🙂



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