Hooray IPA by Jack Black

Name: Hooray IPA
Brewery: Jack Black’s Brewing Co.
Country: South Africa
Style: IPA
Rating: 4.25/5

A lot has been happening in the world of Jack Black recently; they’ve got a new Brewmaster, a new brewery with brewpub and three (yes three!) new beers on the market. We’ll review the Weiss and Pilsner another day.

Since International IPA day is coming up (4 Aug), today we review the Hooray IPA – which is a limited release American style IPA. It was released to celebrate the transition from contract brewing to their own brewery. A new brewery deserves a new beer and hence the “Hooray!” in the name.

2016-07-12 20.31.15

Admittedly, I tasted this quite late in terms of the release. I couldn’t find it anywhere close to me, so I ordered online. Boy am I glad that I ordered 6. As soon as you pop the cap you are hit by all the tropical and floral hop aromas you could be hit by. Pouring this IPA will reveal a deep golden ale with some slight haze and a good frothy head.

The aroma is all tropical upfront, but settles to reveal some slight sweetness and lower floral characters. On first sip you get a kick of hop bitterness, followed by some malt sweetness, and on finish it’s all hops again. It’s a bit of a taste sensation.

It can’t be considered a session IPA, since its a 7% ABV. And with IBU scale at around 70, it’s definitely bitter so you may not want to drink more than 2 in one sitting. That being said, it tastes so good that you could easily throw back a few without noticing.

I’m really chuffed that Jack Black have released some new brews. Cheers to them and best of luck with all the new developments!



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