#craftgeeksinthecity: just the first!

This past Saturday we hosted the inaugural Craft Geek tasting event at Smack! Republic, named #craftgeeksinthecity because well this is Craftgeek.co.za and Smack!’s hashtag love is #craftinthecity. So clever … I know :-p

The event itself was awesome – folks starting arriving at around 15h30 (and here I thought we all worked on African time), and until the bulk of the crowd arrived we just chatted and socialised.

We were then given a “mystery beer” to start us off. The general consensus was that it was a lager (or pilsner, but that’s a lager anyway) and most people thought it was average. Some thought it was easy drinking. Turns out it was Castle Lager 😛 Smack! had played a wonderful trick on us, to prove that sometimes we all take beer a little too seriously, and that often it’s all about the marketing. In any case, we then judged 3 of Smack!’s beers against the Castle after that. We tasted the Hillbrow Honey, the Braamfontein Brawler and the Newtown Nemesis. They were so fresh and so delicious! I just love drinking at the source.

In between tasting, we had some music clips to get everyone fired up as well as a blind taste/smell test. This was pretty funny – some people had never smelled hops before, so some of the guesses were “rabbit food”, “horse feed” etc. Even funnier was the faces of those brave enough to munch on a hop pellet. We all have to try it sometime!

After some tasting, reviewing and rating of the beers we walked on over to Time Anchor distillery to taste some of their artisanal rum. Well I, for one, have never tasted rum like that before. It was awesome. The first one was a white rum which was infused with Vanilla. The second was infused with raw chocolate. Both were sensational – I actually mixed mine (after tasting each) and that was also pretty awesome.

After hanging out a bit more at Time Anchor, and having a few cocktails we headed back to Smack! and enjoyed a few more beers. There were a couple of prizes for awesome social media posts, as well as for doing ratings of each beer.

I truly hope everyone had as much fun as I did – I was blown away by both Smack! and Time Anchor. Smack! really had the crowd’s attention; Andrew, David & Grant were amazing hosts. It was really cool of them to open us just for us, as well as organise the surprise Time Anchor tasting.

So, this is hopefully the first of many tasting events that I, as Craft Geek, will organise. If all goes well, we’ll be visiting all the awesome Jozi/Pretoria breweries over the next while.

If you were there on Saturday, please feel free to send any feedback my way! I’d love to know what you guys enjoyed, and what could have been better. Check out the pics and #cheers to the next time!




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