Vagabond Pale Ale by Brewdog

Name: Vagabond Pale Ale
Brewery: Brewdog
Country: UK (Scotland)
Style: Speciality Pale Ale (Gluten Free)
Rating: 3.75 / 5

Are you gluten intolerant? Have had to give up beer? Well not anymore. Brewdog have created a gluten free beer for you. But unlike a lot of gluten-less beer, this is not made with sorghum or rice. It’s still made with good ol’ barley.

I should actually give this beer full marks for that alone. This beer tastes like beer and not in the way that vegetarian “meat substitute” takes like meat. If I hadn’t known that this beer is gluten free I would never have picked up on it.


It is a fairly typical hop-forward pale ale with citrus and pine aromas, medium body and a wonderfully balanced finish. So if it were to be judged against other pale ales, it might be called ordinary (with the best connotation). But because the ingredients have had some sort of alchemy applied, I consider this a wonderful beer!

Go pick some up, do a blind tasting and let me know if you picked up the difference. I bet you won’t!



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