Rogue Pony by Darling

Name: Rogue Pony
Brewery: Darling Brew
Country: South Africa
Style: Pale Ale
Rating: 3.5 / 5

As part of this month’s #tastingleague box, we got this little beauty from Darling Brew. They have been on a bit of a mission lately releasing an entire range of new beers, including an IPA, an oat ale, a white IPA and a top fermented lager (I still don’t understand that concept…).


The Rogue Pony is a pale ale, but the selling point is that it is “not too edgy”. Often when trying a pale ale I find that they’re tasting more and more like IPAs: hop forward, bitter and fruity. So this pale ale is a bit different.

It pours a dark gold, almost copper. The aromas are earthy: straw, hay and some sweet notes. The flavours consist of some honey sweetness and a mild finish. It was strange, because I kept tasting this beer and recognising something in it. I don’t know if it’s an ingredient that I’m recognising from Darling or from other “African” pale ales – but it’s yummy. (I’ve often said that you can taste a Darling a mile away – if that were possible).

Overall, this is a very sessionable pale ale and at 5% won’t blow your sobriety too quickly. It’s an easy going but flavourful pale ale, that will appeal to those who are looking for a break from hop bitterness.



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