Honey Dew by Fullers

Name: Honey Dew Organic Golden Ale
Brewery: Fuller, Smith & Turner
Country: UK
Style: Golden Ale (speciality)
Rating: 3.75 / 5

Oh man it has been hot. Far too hot for heavy, full bodied beers. So over the holidays we had a mini-mission to try some new beers, but keep them on the “light” side.

We found this Golden Ale at Liquor City, and since I’m a big fan of Fullers, we had to try it. They really make amazing beer. See my review of London Pride if you don’t believe me :-p

FullSizeRender (3)

This Honey Dew is a golden ale with a light touch of honey. It is also certified organic and is apparently the best selling organic brew in the UK.

It pours out as golden as they come, with decent persistent head. On the nose is honey, but only a light touch with a little melon too. It is a sweet beer. Not sickly sweet, but it has predominantly a sweet flavour. But what I really enjoyed was the dry bitterness that just crept up at the end.

This beer is like been sunkissed; it’s delicate but just the thing you need. Especially in the 35-39 degree heat we’re having. Serve chilled :-p


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