Hazy Days by Woodstock Brewery

Name: Hazy Daze
Brewery: Woodstock Brewery
Country: South Africa
Style: Belgian Wit
Rating: 3.5 / 5

There’s nothing quite like a Wit in the heat of summer. Wits are the new lagers… ok maybe not. They’re not as approachable as lagers but they definitely deliver on refreshment.

A wit is a form of wheat beer, but unlike it’s Weiss cousin the aromas and flavours lean more towards coriander and orange peel, rather than banana and clove. In my opinion, witbier is the slightly more sophisticated cousin in the wheat-dominant family.


This Hazy Daze (what a great name… I nearly took some sort of hippie pic with smoke and LCD colours everywhere) pours a medium straw-golden colour and is clearer than expected. It has some decent head, but it doesn’t last a particularly long time.

On the nose is slight banana and some bread, but on taste it’s all bitter orange and a kick of coriander. Interestingly though, it finishes off really smooth and slightly crisp. It’s as if they’ve used some pilsner malt along side the wheat. On closer inspection, I see that they have definitely used barley in the recipe. And suspiciously… no wheat… odd.

On the whole I really enjoy this beer – it’s really not for everyone, but if you’re in the mood for an eccentric beer of an interesting style, try the Hazy Daze.


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