Tomahawk IPA by Agar’s

Name: Tomahawk IPA
Brewery: Agar’s
Country: South Africa
Style: IPA (imperial)
Rating: 5/ 5

I am a big fan of Mike and his brew team’s range. And they’ve just recently launched their Tomahawk IPA. About time, I say. But let me assure you – this IPA was worth the wait. With something like 6 hop varieties (most of them late additions) this IPA is nothing short of spectacular.

Agar’s estimate that the IBU of this IPA is 100. That is 100 out of 100 – as bitter as you can get. I was almost skeptical to try it. I have tried only one 100 IBU beer before (the Hopportunity Knocks by Caldera – what a crazy beer) and I wasn’t sure that I was going to enjoy it.

Agar's Tomahawk
Image from BrewCraft

But… I will put my opinionated head on a stick and say that this IPA may be the best IPA this country has to offer right now. It is mind-blowingly good. I was gobsmacked that at 100 IBU this beer was so balanced and flavourful. It is bitter, sure, but it is also well rounded and flavourful.

Well done to Mike, Jake and the team – you guys have truly outdone yourselves!


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