Lager by Devil’s Peak

Name: Lager
Brewery: Devil’s Peak
Country: South Africa
Style: Pale Lager
Rating: 3.75 / 5

I’ve posted before about how not enough craft brewers tackle the lager market. Speculation leads me to believe that the further a craft brewer can get away from the mainstream styles, the less likely they are to brew the styles. Lagers and Pilsners are a little ignored in the scene, compared to ales.

I was excited to hear about Devil’s Peak entering the lager market so I trotted off to Wolfpack in Sandton and promptly ordered one. Instead of a crisp clean lager, I got a Weiss. Oh well, I thought, I’ll try it next time (they had since run out… arg… but also a good sign.) Luckily this months #tastingleague box had one in it.

Devils peak lager 3

The first thing I noticed was the label. Devil’s Peak have a range of beer “sets” which dictate the design (as far as I can see). But I enjoyed the fact that it has weirdly cool contrasting colours (turquoise and red) and is not in style of either their regular or seasonal ranges.

The next thing I noticed, after the pour, was how clear the beer was. A good sign for lager obviously, but I am constantly amazed by beer clarity (I think because most ales aren’t completely clear. Except for the 400. OMG – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clearer beer.)

After that I had a sip. It was a little different than I initially expected. I suppose I was thinking that it would taste like a regular lager… Well it doesn’t. It still tastes like a lager, but in a more interesting way. It is slightly sweet (not terribly unexpected) but it has this wonderful bready nose and mild bitterness to it. It is not as crisp as other (admittedly commercial) lager but I really quite enjoyed that. It has more of a malt balance than I expected, but it’s by no means overpowering. I feel like a little more crispness would have been great, but all in all – it’s a great beer. It’s easy to drink and sessionable at just 4% ABV – this obviously paves the way for a few more.

Try it and let me know your thoughts in the comments.





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