Two Okes Brewery

Name: Two Okes 

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa


New breweries are opening every day (yay!) but not everyone is making solid, quality beer. Two Okes are part of the group who are getting it right.

I first tasted some of their range at Capital Craft (but they were near the end of my tasting trip… so tipsiness has set in) and then I tried them at Mish Mash in Greenside. In particular I was impressed with the Pilsner. It’s a great pilsner – easy to drink with some great bitterness to it. I was sad to read that they’re not brewing it until further notice.

Pic courtesy of @jozifoodwhore
Pic courtesy of @jozifoodwhore

But that’s not the only beer from Two Okes that I have enjoyed. Their Hefeweisen is pretty darn delicious, and their South African Pale Ale is awesome too.

I haven’t met Hennie (the head brewer) personally yet, nor have I visited the brewery. But I have a feeling that when I do – I will enjoy a night of rolling laughter. He has serious passion for his craft, which is evident within the first sip.

The packaging is awesome, the beer is pure and real and it’s pretty widely available in Gauteng. If you want to try the range, how about picking up a Mixed Box from Joburg Brew? Personally, I’m going to try their Irish Ale and their brand new Blonde next. Both sound like they’re right up my alley.


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