Best Black Gold by Standeaven

Name: Best Black Gold
Brewery: The Standeaven Brewery
Country: South Africa
Style: Bohemian Pilsner styled Dark Lager
Rating: 4 / 5

I thought this was a dark lager, then I read that it is based on their Bohemian Pilsner. Enter #confusedface. I have had Standeaven’s Bohemian Pilsner and I’ve tasted many a dark lager, but I’ve never had a fusion before.

So I opened the bottle and gave it a pour. It’s blacker than black and pours like a Guinness with ample (not as creamy) head. So enter #evenmoreconfusedface. I gave it a sniff – and it gave back to me coffee notes with a hint of biscuit. I can’t expressed my confused face enough at this point, so I gave it a taste instead.

Best Black Gold

It’s odd. It tastes more like a stout. Except that the lager yeast has done something special to this Best Black Gold. The beer is wonderful. It fits no styles (but I’m not a judge…) and follows no rules. It’s just marvellously drinkable, full bodied and rich. Which also… is odd. :-p

Well done Standeaven – you have thoroughly blown my expectations away with this one. It’s my favourite of the range and is definitely worth a taste!

P.S What a great label. Someone needs to give a Bells (or a brew) to Standeaven’s new designer, the packaging concepts coming out of the brewery are brilliant!


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