Hillbrow Honey by Smack! Republic

Name: Hillbrow Honey
Brewery: Smack! Republic
Country: South Africa
Style: Speciality Pale Ale
Rating: 3.5 / 5

In the spring/summer heatwave that Jozi has been experiencing, there is nothing quite like a refreshing pale ale to take you from afternoon to evening. There is also nothing quite like this Hillbrow Honey in the Pale Ale market. This one is infused with rooibos tea (how very South African) and litchi blossom honey.

I first tried this brew earlier in the year at Capital Craft – it was my first beer of the day – and I remember thinking… ja… this is good. For a “first-thing-in-the-morning-beer”. It did the job and had some good flavour. But then a few months later, I tried it again and I enjoyed it much more. Turns out the guys over at Smack! Republic had had problems with the honey that they originally used for the Hillbrow Honey, so they switched to their current litchi blossom honey. It made a huge difference, taking this pale ale from good to pretty awesome.

2015-10-16 20.37.39

This month’s #tastingleague* Mixed box came with 3 of the Smack! brews, and I went straight for the Honey first. It pours, you guessed it, a golden honey colour with some decent head that doesn’t stick around too long. The aroma is like grandma’s house – sweet rooibos tea and freshly cut grass. The flavours are mild but still really satisfying – crisp hop bitterness with a rooibos honey finish.

If you haven’t tried this brew yet – do it. Then, if you’re brave, go and challenge Shae for the title of Hillbrow Honey Ambassador! Well done chick! Go check out my twitter page to see the full story of how that happened…


*If you don’t know what the #tastingleague is all about – check my Twitter page here for a little taste of the glory.



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