London Pride by Fullers

Name: London Pride
Brewery: Fullers
Country: UK (England)
Style: English Bitter
Rating: 5 / 5

There are very few beers that I rate as highly as the London Pride. Look, Fullers in general make spectacular beer, but the London Pride is their best. It’s their flagship beer of an old, traditional style.

London Pride

The bitter pours a rich amber chocolate colour with decent head. It has all the right aromas: malt, caramel and a little spice. And then you taste the unprecedented balance that follows. Never have I tasted a more balanced beer (true to it’s style of course). There is just the right amount of English hop bitterness with the rich malt flavours. There is basically nothing else, it is a terrific beer.

If you haven’t tried one, they’re widely available in Liquor City stores as well as many others. Do it.



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