White Oak Wheat Beer by Innis & Gunn

Name: White Oak Wheat Beer 
Brewery: Innis & Gunn
Country: Scotland
Style: Hefeweizen
Rating: 4.25 / 5

I dig wheat beers. I don’t always like Weiss, but generally there’s something interesting about wheat as a grain (over barley). Mentally I’ve replaced lagers with wheats in my “drink when it’s hot as hell” category. I love a good lager, but hefeweizens or wheat beers tend to have more character.

Innis & Gunn White oak

This White Oak Wheat by Innis & Gunn is the perfect example of an character-filled refreshing beer. This one is infused with Blood Orange, for some citrus bitterness, and bergamot (the stuff that’s in Earl Grey tea) – to give some floral notes. So it’s basically exactly that – a little bitter, a little floral, a little sweet and while complex, so easy to drink. Also, it’s aged in oak barrels so there is the Innis & Gunn characteristic smokiness to it.

It pours quite a light, almost straw colour with decent head. The aroma has some smoky and floral characteristics while the flavour is balanced with all the interesting elements I’ve mentioned.

What a special seasonal beer that the guys in kilts have made.


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