La Divine by Brasserie de Silly

Name: La Divine
Brewery: Brasserie de Silly
Country: Belgium
Style: Belgian Tripel
Rating: 3.5 / 5

I adore Belgian style beers. They’re generally a little spicy, fruity and have a higher alcohol content. They’re often much more complex in flavour than a Pale Ale (for example) which makes them something to savour.

This Tripel is from Brasserie de Silly, the makers of the Double Enghien range, in Belgium. Tripels are essentially strong Belgian ales, and the names “dubbel”, “tripel” and “quadrupel” have become known to represent the alcohol content. A dubbel is often between 6-8%, trips between 7-9% and quads go up to about 12%, normally around 10.5%. So yes, these beers are killer. They’re not beers you want to gulp down while watching the rugby.

La Divine

The La Divine however, is not like any tripel I’ve ever tasted. It’s got all the tell-tale signs of being a tripel: spiced fruit & yeast aromas, smooth warming flavours reminiscent of brandy or cognac. But where the La Divine departs from the expected flavours is in it’s surprisingly mild and biscuity end. I’ve found with Belgian Tripels, that the end notes are quite spicy and rich, but the La Divine has a more subtle set of flavours.

If you have never liked the style before, give this one a shot – it may surprise you.


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