Ashland Amber by Caldera

Name: Ashland Amber
Brewery: Caldera Brewing
Country: USA
Style: Amber Ale
Rating: 5 / 5

It’s pretty rare for me to rate a beer with full marks. The way I rate beers is, obviously, totally subjective but it’s a mixture of being true-to-style as well as whether I personally enjoyed it. I like to think that anything over 3 / 5 I’ll drink again, so generally if it’s 4 or over – I’m well impressed.

The Caldera brewing company in Oregon, USA makes damn good beer. Really – their Hopportunity Knocks IPA is a great example of a crazy bitter IPA and this amber ale is just… indescribably delicious.

Ashland Amber

It is on point style wise – balanced between bitter and malty, deep amber colour and good carbonation. Ambers are meant to be on the slightly biscuity side of the scale with more a malt than a hop taste. The Ashland Amber is the epitome of the style. It is marvellous. *gushes for days*


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