City Street IPA by Big City Brewing Co.

Name: City Street IPA
Brewery: Big City Brewing Co.
Country: South Africa
Style: IPA
Rating: 4/5

A little while ago we attended a League of Beers tasting event – and one of the beers for tasting was the City Street IPA. I remember on the night I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it, but I found it a little sour for an IPA. So I promptly filed it under “Taste again”. Luckily, I’ve now had the chance to taste it again.

Yesterday I received the most delightful surprise from Rob and the team at League of Beers: a case of beer with a note attached thanking me (and the other #tastingleague enthusiasts) for all the tweets, reviews and for general participation in the league. It was a serious shock because before I opened the box to read the note, I was battling the moral dilemma of potentially having to return beer since I didn’t order it (I would have done that… but with great regret… :-p).

The box, the note, the beer :-)
The box, the note, the beer 🙂

The other part of the message came from Rob who brews at Big City and asked us to review the 4th batch of his City Street IPA. The request was to taste it, give some notes on Twitter & on the website. Firstly, this is genius – leveraging off of League of Beers to get reviews from the tasting league (who I believe will be honest and constructive.) And secondly it’s humbling, because it shows that even BJCP certified beer judges also need feedback on their work. This is a relief to me since our Nut Brown ale was basically a disaster (and I still don’t know why).

2015-09-08 21.40.42
I tried to be a little more artistic here (#fail) but since the brew is inspired by Cape Town, I thought I’d sneak in a Joburg skyline too. 🙂

Ok, long story short, I tasted the City Street. The first thing I noticed was the hazy golden colour and amble head. Good sign. I gave it a sniff and got very typical IPA aromas: grass, hops, citrus and some floral notes. Great sign. Then I was surprised to taste that this IPA is not your typical IBU chaser. It’s got a hoppy initial flavour but settles down quickly into something mild, sweet and somewhat bready. It is unique. I love it.

The main reason I think I actually love this IPA is because it’s infinitely drinkable. Often I find IPAs to be a novelty beer. They taste amazing but having 2 just doesn’t seem like a good idea, or even possible. Some are too bitter or too citrusy to have a few of. This City Street IPA is not like that. It’s got the aroma and flavour of an IPA but is milder on the finish. It’s a strange little process that goes on once you’ve had a sip, but I loved it. This refined recipe has definitely done done the trick!

Give it a try and rate it yourself by getting some at League of Beers.


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