Batcave Breakfast Stout by Harlequin Brew Co.

Name: Batcave Breakfast Stout
Brewery: Harlequin Brew Co.
Country: South Africa
Style: Breakfast stout (oatmeal, coffee, chocolate)
Rating: 4.5/ 5

Can anything sound more appealing than a “breakfast stout”? I think not. So when my friend Nic asked on Twitter for brew hands to help create his Batcave Breakfast stout, I jumped at the opportunity.

That's me stirring... and stirring... and stirring
That’s me stirring… and stirring… and stirring

Harlequin brewer Nic , Brett from Joburg Brew and I met at Copperlakes to compete in the stout brew-off. It was a *long* day of brewing where both Brett and I learnt loads and after the beer was kegged and sent off for fermentation, we waited. It was supposed to be a 5 week long fermentation, but it was ready in 3.

Batcave Breakfast Stout

Well, even if it had taken 5 weeks, it would have been worth the wait. The stout is infused with coffee, chocolate and oatmeal. It is creamy, full bodied and rich without being sickening. In Nic’s words, it is a stout for a stout lovers. Mostly because it has a great layered and complex flavour.

My favourite element of the stout is that it wasn’t too heavy on the coffee. There is a place for coffee stout, but this stout is far more than that. The chocolate, too, didn’t overpower. It was extremely well balanced and very drinkable (I can personally vouch for that :-p) Best of all? It won the brew-off 🙂


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