Samaranth by Urthel

Name: Samaranth
Brewery: Urthel
Country: Beligium
Style: Quadrupel
Rating: 4/ 5

I love Belgian ales. I really do. They’re inevitably complex, spicy with a distinct “Belgian” aroma and flavour. I still don’t know how they get that right… Anyway, we tried a new Quad the other night called the Samaranth. It is a Belgian “strong ale” – which at 11.5% makes it a quad.

There are very few beers that consistently rate this highly among enthusiasts. On Ratebeer it’s average is 95/ 100. On Beeradvocate the rating is 90% and on Untappd it has a 3.8/ 5 average (pfft).

2015-08-13 21.00.00

Onto some tasting notes: the beer pours a chocolatey brown with some slight amber. Not completely opaque. It has a cream coloured medium sized head – and doesn’t linger forever. The aroma is well… rich. Plum & caramel maybe. The flavour is superb – it is layered with spice, malt sweetness and a slight liquorice hint. Really great.


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