Hopportunity Knocks by Caldera

Name: Hopportunity Knocks
Brewery: Caldera Brewing
Country: USA
Style: IPA
Rating: 3.5 / 5

Man alive there are a lot of really great IPAs out there, each one competing for the IBU crown. But I reckon that the Hopportunity Knocks has to win. It has an IBU of 100. Really. That is, the most bitter you can get, according to the scale.

Hopportunity Knocks

But it’s not just a crazy bitter beer, it’s got a fantastic grapefruit and herb nose and still has a malty sweetness to it. It’s a rich copper colour with a creamy off-white head. The Hopportunity Knocks is a pretty complex beer, and having one or two sips won’t do it justice. I gave it 3.5 because while it is pretty incredible, I wouldn’t have one everyday. It’s more of a novelty for me.

As an aside, the packaging is amazing – it’s basically an Acid trip on a can. :-p

If you want to get your hands on one, head over to the League of Beers website and grab a monthly club mixed case or just buy a case of 12.



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