Kraken’s Ink by Oakham Ales

Name: Kraken’s Ink
Brewery: Oakham Ales
Country: UK
Style: Black IPA
Rating: 4/ 5

In honour of #IPAday 2015, the review today is of the Kraken’s Ink by Oakham. It is a black IPA, which means it is pitch black (from the extra roasted malt) but still has the typical hop character of an IPA. Sometimes called an American Black Ale, the black IPA is a wonderous thing.

krakens ink
By my own admission, I stole this pic. When I had the Kraken, it was on tap – so the pic sucked.

Most IBU chasers just want to taste hops and the (mostly) citrus flavours of an IPA. But in my opinion, the roasted malt adds a whole new depth of flavour to an IPA. It’s thinner bodied than a stout, hoppier than a porter but maltier than an IPA. In fact, black IPAs might be my favourite style at the moment.

I tasted the Kraken’s Ink (fantastic name!) at Beerhouse in Fourways. I was on a mission to taste as many of the “99 bottles of beer on the wall”, that I hadn’t tried yet, as possible. But after I had the Krakens, I basically stopped trying others. I think I had 3 and could have put away many many more. The flavour is still herbal and fruity to an extent, but in the middle of a sip you get this sweetish, caramel-like kick. The finish is pure hops. It’s truly a sensational beer, and one I’d have over and over again.


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