Tripel by Hertog Jan

Name: Tripel
Brewery: Hertog Jan
Country: Netherlands
Style: Belgian Tripel
Rating: 4/ 5

I’m a big fan of Belgian style beers – there’s just something different about them. They’re infinitely more complex than other styles, and well worth the extra price. This Tripel, part of a range of 3 that we received as gifts (Ok, Ash got the gifts, but I helped him drink them :-p) come in at about R65 a bottle. But what a bottle. It is a ceramic bottle that is corked (like champagne) with a beautifully historical themed label.

Hertog Jan Tripel 2

The beer itself is really warming and wonderful. At 8.5%, it has quite the kick. The nose is complex, with a good spicy aroma. The flavour is pretty much typical Belgian Tripel – a rich mix of fruit and spice with a touch of malt. There wasn’t as much carbonation as I expected, but overall it’s a really lovely beer.


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