Silvertree Saison by Devil’s Peak

Name: Silvertree Saison
Brewery: Devil’s Peak
Country: South Africa
Style: Saison/ Farmhouse Ale
Rating: 3.5/ 5

DP Silvertree Saison copyI’ve really been loving the saisons of late – they’re a great style for Autumn and warm winters days. Mostly because they have a lovely balance between fruitiness, spiciness, malt and hops. They’re refreshing but still sufficiently complex and interesting.

I was really pleased to find the Silvertree and I will definitely be buying this again. It’s nicely carbonated (everyone mocked my bad pouring… anyway) so it has a great porous head which settles on top of golden, mostly clear ale. The aroma is fruity- mostly banana and some papaya. The flavour is mild with an interesting fruit and malt balance. The finish is more bitter but with the little hint of caramel. It is most delicious.



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