Copperlake Brewing Co.

Name: Copperlake Brewing Co.

Location: Lanseria, South Africa

Website:  (under construction at time of publish)

Copperlake have taken the Joburg craft beer scene by storm; not just because they have some awesome beer but because they have done what many others dream of: opened their tap room. For the last few years, there have been very few brew pubs and tap rooms to hang out at, and now anyone who is looking to open one has some serious competition.


Before we get to the ins and outs, let’s chat Copperlake, the brewery. They have been around since about 2011 but Brendan, the owner and brewmaster, had been brewing for a few years before that. Unfortunately he had a serious motorcycle accident that left him basically immobile for 4 months. Fortunately, it during that time that he decided to brew commercially. From there he opened up the brewpub and it’s been packed ever since.

The range includes staples such as a light lager, English ale, premium lager, , IPA, hefeweissen as well as their citrus cooler (popular with the fairer sex). But at the tap room, they have a constant flow of guest brews on tap as well as brew challenges. Last weekend, there was a “Battle of the Brews” between two fantastic IPAs.

The thing that Copperlake have right is the experience and the vibe. The venue is quite big (I thought it might be too big) but constantly smells of Horlicks (all the malt from the brewing proccess) which is just heavenly. The decor is great with lots of copper touches and hanging lights branded with their brews. The food is German inspired, so expect lots of pork combos. They even have a few veggie options.

Probably the best part about the Copperlake experience is the events; they have beer pong competitions on Thursdays (used to be Tuesdays), Quiz nights on Wednesdays and as I mentioned, the guest brews and brew-offs over weekends. There are also specials over Fathers day, rugby matches and the like, as well as live music. So there’s always something going on, which draws in both the regular crowd as well as those wanting to try something new.

I’m looking forward to seeing much more of Copperlake – it’s already an institution!


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