Agar’s Brewery

Name: Agar’s Brewery

Location: Kya Sands, South Africa


There are a few “old-hats” in the industry, and while Agar’s have only been brewing commercially since 2014, Mike Agar has been brewing for around 24 years. You can tell from the beer that the brewer (and family) is experienced. The brewery is a family affair and the logo is centred around the family crest.

agars range

My first taste of Agar’s was the red ale, which I really enjoyed. So at Hopstock recently, I really wanted to go chat to Mike and the team about the brewery (as well as taste the rest of the stock :-p) Well, Agar’s are making some awesome beer. Here’s a taste of their range:

  • Jozi Blonde – really good blonde with some honey notes.
  • White Dog Saison – atypical farmhouse ale with loads of banana and spice to it.
  • American Pale Ale – easy drinking, yet flavourful ale with a good balance
  • Red Ale – good hop and caramel balance with some spicy notes
  • English Special Bitter – amber ale with some mild hoppiness
  • Black Mamba – rich and fuller bodied stout with some great malt & caramel

Special beers include a Pilsner, a Cranberry Apple cider and a Welsh Dragon bitter.

I especially enjoyed the White Dog Saison – a review is coming soon 🙂

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