Harvest Lager by CBC

Name: Harvest Lager
Brewery: CBC (Cape Brewing Company)
Country: South Africa
Style: Oktoberfest/Festbier/Märzen
Rating: 4 / 5

I’ve now had the privilege of tasting this beer 3 times, and I never get sick of it. The style of Märzen was born from the inability to brew during hot summer months back in the day, because of lack of refrigeration. So, brewers would pull together a last brew at the beginning of spring (March =Märzen), and store it through the spring and summer months.

CBC harvest lager 3

Typically, Märzens should be toasty, full bodied and quite rich. This Harvest lager is all of those, plus it has the most wonderful deep copper colour and a great malt kick. The aroma reminds me of autumn with a warm sort of smell. But don’t be fooled, the beer is crisp and refreshing despite all the roasted flavours. It’s really a great beer – get your hands on some!



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