Newtown Nemesis by Smack! Republic Brewing Co.

Name: Newtown Nemesis
Brewery: Smack! Republic Brewing Company
Country: South Africa
Style: Stout
Rating: 4.25/ 5

Newtown Nemesis (great name!) seems to be the crowning jewel in Smack!’s range. This is a bourbon, vanilla infused stout. Just appreciate that for a minute.

Newtown Nemesis

We’re looking at a deep chocolate colour, creamy off-white head and then the vanilla nose. The initial sip is full bodied, but not heavy. There’s a definite coffee flavour in there too. But the aftertaste has that bourbon and vanilla again. This is a stout to taste. It is rich and dessert like. Everything you need in an infused stout.



  1. Definitely the best beer at the Capital Craft Festival this year. Probably SMACK!’s best beer, although their first batch of IPA was great (they dialed back the hop induced fruitiness in subsequent batches).


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