Drayman’s Brewery

Name: Drayman’s

Location: Silverton, Pretoria

Website: www.draymans.com

Before I encountered their spectacular Rauchbier, I had only scarcely heard of Drayman’s. They’ve been on the scene since 1997 (long before most of the microbreweries were dreaming of brewing) and they not only brew beer, but whisky, mampoer and liquer as well. In fact, the owner and founder, Moritz Kallmeyer, started out by making fruit wine in the early 1980s.

Drayman’s essentially strive for exceptional beer, of an international standard (in my opinion, we need to stop that now. Our beer is excellent) and of a broadly German style/ nature. Their range is pretty extensive including a Lager, a Weiss, a Rauchbier, an Altbier, an English bitter, a 2.5% Helles, a dark English mild ale and of course, an IPA. I’ve tried their Lager, IPA, Weiss and Rachbier and none of them disappoint. I love their old school, mostly mythical themed labels and beer names. 🙂

I enjoy the fact that Drayman’s rent out kegs for parties, that is a great way to get your beer out there. But they’re also stocked widely both in stores and bars. Check out the stockists on their site.


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