Red Ochre Ale by Lakeside Beerworks

Name: Red Ochre Ale
Brewery: Lakeside Beerworks
Country: South Africa
Style: Red/ Amber Ale
Rating: 3.25/ 5

I recently bought an Amber Ale mixed case from League of Beers, and this was one of the beers in the case that I hadn’t tried before. I love opening those cases and finding beers I haven’t tried in there – there’s usually a familiar favourite or two in the case as well, but it’s the new ones that I love getting. I’d never tasted any of Lakeside’s offering (or heard of the brewery…) but, as usual, I’m happy to report that it’s a great ale.

Red Ochre Ale by Lakeside

Lovely roasted malted barley on the nose, and quite a low hop aroma. The colour is a wonderful rusty copper and the head was creamy and persisted a while. The flavour surprised me with it’s hops; it has a real bitter kick which is so nicely contrasted with the initial caramel smoothness. Give it a try.


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