CBC (Cape Brewing Company)

Name: Cape Brewing Company (CBC)

Location: Paarl, Western Cape

Website: www.capebrewing.co.za

CBC opened their doors in 2012 and have grown tremendously since. They, like Devil’s Peak, are almost veterans in the industry and they make exceptional beer.

CBC Collection

CBC had the unusual luxury of being able to design their brewery from the ground up, after finding the perfect water source. The fact that they have their own water supply has not only contributed to fantastic beer, but has also reduced energy consumption drastically.

They offer a range of core beers: Lager, Pilsner, Krystal Weiss and Amber Weiss. Then they have a speciality range (some seasonal) consisting of: Harvest Lager, Mandarina Bavaria, Oktoberfest, Imperial IPA & Red Weiss.

CBC seasonal

I’ve tasted most of their beers – and I’ve never been disappointed. They are special and smack of true quality. I must pick a favourite however, and that goes to the Harvest Lager. What a beer. Review coming soon 🙂

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