Devil’s Peak

Name: Devil’s Peak

Location: Cape Town


Devil’s Peak claim to brew Cape Town’s best craft beer. The thing is, they’re probably not wrong. In the relatively short lived craft revolution in South Africa, Devil’s Peak are practically veterans. And it shows in their beer.

I’ve had only a couple of their beers (reviews coming soon) and while it took me a little while to actually understand them, I cannot get enough of the King’s Blockhouse and First Light now.

Devils Peak Range

They have what they call their “Founder Series” – the four beers they launched with, but they are highly experimental and have released their “Explorer Series” which they promise will blow your mind. Additionally, they have a seasonal range, their “Speciality Series” which I have yet to try and cannot wait to.

What I really admire about Devil’s Peak is their continuous growth and engagement with their fans. They have their Taproom with paired meals, a Homebrewing competition (where the winners will enjoy their own brews at the Taproom) and have a really great site with loads of info about ingredients, methods and general craft wisdom.

Check them out and taste their beer – it is gold.


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